Weight Loss Management

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Weight Loss Management

About Weight Loss Management

Weight loss can be one of the most challenging tasks a person undertakes while also working to keep the pounds off once lost. David Radin, MD, personalizes weight loss management programs to your specific health markers and goals to improve quality of life and longevity. Book an appointment today by calling the Stamford, Connecticut, office or reserving through the online scheduling tool.

Weight Loss Management Q & A

What is weight loss management?

Weight loss management is implementing strategies to reach and maintain a healthy weight. It involves healthy eating habits, physical activity, and behavioral changes to arrive at a healthy body mass index (BMI) and reduce the risk of weight-related health problems.

Dr. Radin personalizes a weight loss management program to help you reach your weight goals. He oversees your treatment from start to finish, providing support, guidance, and monitoring throughout the weight loss journey.

Is weight loss management a fancy way of saying diet?

Weight loss management involves adopting a healthy lifestyle that promotes weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. It targets various things that can cause weight gain, like diet and exercise.

Weight loss management includes more than just proper exercise and a healthy, varied diet, however. For example, you should manage stress levels because stress leads to over- or undereating and unhealthy weight gain or loss. Adequate sleep is also critical because poor sleep quality increases your risk of weight gain.

Will weight loss management only tell me my BMI?

BMI is a commonly used measurement for determining a person’s weight status. BMI considers your height and weight and can help assess a healthy weight.

But it’s important to recognize that BMI is not perfect and has limitations regarding treatment. BMI doesn’t consider things like muscle mass, bone density, and body composition. A person with a high BMI might not necessarily have excess body fat, while someone with a low BMI might have a high body fat percentage.

For this reason, Dr. Radin uses BMI as a part of your treatment plan to see the larger picture and not as the sole determinant of your health status.

What are the benefits of weight loss management?

Maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk of developing chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension), and heart disease.

Moreover, a healthy weight can significantly affect your social life, as it can open up new opportunities for physical activity and social events.

If you’re looking for comprehensive weight loss management, call Dr. Radin today or book online through the reservation portal.