Concierge Medicine

Offered in Stamford, CT
Concierge Medicine

About Concierge Medicine

For patients who prefer longer appointments and more time with their doctor, David Radin, MD, offers concierge medicine. Concierge medicine allows Dr. Radin to establish a stronger connection with patients, leading to more personalized care. Learn about the enhanced member-exclusive benefits Dr. Radin provides through concierge medicine. Call the Stamford, Connecticut, office today to book an appointment. You can also schedule your visit online through the reservation portal.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine offers preferred, member-exclusive health and wellness benefits to get the most from your health care. It ensures getting the best access and a solid connection with your health care provider.

Concierge medicine makes this exclusivity possible, providing 24/7 access to Dr. Radin. When concierge medicine, Dr. Radin can help you navigate the added health care benefits that will most benefit you.

Can I get same-day appointments with concierge medicine?

Those with concierge medicine care can schedule same- and next-day visits at the Stamford, Connecticut, office. This service ensures you have the best accessibility to your health care provider when it matters most.

In addition to securing appointments as soon as needed, concierge care subscribers can choose extended visits. Extended visits give you more time with Dr. Radin to discuss your health concerns.

Which benefits do I get with concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine provides several excellent benefits in addition to readily available extended appointments. More time with Dr. Radin and the specialists ensures you establish a stronger connection and better understand your health goals.

You’ll feel less rushed during your visit and have more time to voice your health concerns. Concierge care provides more convenience to a smaller group of patients to provide an elevated experience, making your experience more personalized and significantly increasing your quality of life.

Around-the-clock access assures you that Dr. Radin will address your concerns at a moment’s notice. Whether treating an accident injury or managing a chronic condition like diabetes, you can quickly access Dr. Radin by phone, telemedicine, or in person.

Which services come with concierge medicine?

All of Dr. Radin’s patients receive exceptional and comprehensive health care that’s personalized to their needs. Those with or without concierge medicine can access primary care, preventive care, and more.

If you subscribe to concierge medicine, Dr. Radin offers the same services. But you make the most of your visit with extended appointments and around-the-clock communication. Concierge medicine helps you make the most of your time and treatment with Dr. Radin.

Learn how your added concierge benefits can best serve you by booking online now through the reservation portal or calling the Stamford, Connecticut, office.